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Hotsause First 600w HydroGro Visit

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Whats up everybody. I have had my clone for a few days now. I recieved some of the things from my list but not all. Heres my list
Supersun2 Reflector
Lumetek Ballast 600w
600w Growbright Bulbs(30%Blue)
Homemade DWC Hydroponics includes:
5.65 Netpots
600 GPH Dura airpump
3 14 Inch Airstones
also i have my General Hydroponic 3 Part Nutes

HTG sent me the wrong Bulbs and Best Grow Lights with Hydroponic Systems, Greenhouses, Growing Media, Testing Equipment, Supplies and More! has yet to send me a tracking number for my light. Anyway at the moment my girls are under 2 13w CFLs and a 20w in my bathroom.

Here is them on Day 1

The one taller one with yellow on the Leafs is Purple God Bud and the other is a Blueberry Dwarf. I have one more clone i just picked up today that isnt looking to good. She had a rough ride home she dropped and bent her stem why i was making a turn but it wasnt to bad, But now all the sudden her leafs are very droopy(I watered 30 minutes prior to the leafs drooping)WHAT COULD BE WRONG WITH HER i know its not much light but its what i can do for now. Tomorrow i am thinking of going and picking up a T5-Flo resent or something close to it to veg under why i wait for my 600w

Here are my girls on day 3 Today



That big bag is Hydro Stone aka Hydroton

And this is my Mylar

AND OF COURSE THE WRONG BULBS THANKS HTG LMAO IM A 600W NOT 400 but nothing a call cant fix
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:welcome:Hotsause! Welcome to 420 Mag!

Looks like you got some great supplies for a successful grow. I wish you lots of luck!! With the expertise of the great growers on this forum at your fingertips you should do just fine.

As far as the drooping clone, I'm not sure, but it could be due to overwatering.(it tends to be a common 'rookie' mistake) Make sure to let the soil dry out a bit between waterings. I also noticed that your RH is pretty low. MJ in the veg stage tends to like a humidity in the 50-70% range.

What size space will you be growing in? Will you be using any fans or ventilation??

I'm on board for the ride :popcorn:
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Thanks for the reply I know my humidity sucks lol anyway Tomorrow i will be buying a T5 for them. My grow space is a basement i was thinking of sectioning off this part of a my basement

I will be using 2 Osiclating fans and my light is air cooled so for ventilation i was going with this High Tech Garden Supply an 8" would pull more hot air out my one problem was fresh air but there is a window a few feet away opening it wouldn't be enough to get fresh air in? Whats a good cheap way to get fresh air in a basement grow?
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Hey Hotsauce,

To me your plant looks a bit overwatered, give it a few days and if she perks back up then you probably overwatered.

Why wouldn't your window be a good idea for fresh air? With that fan pulling 590 cfm out of the room, it should be strong enough to pull air through the window as well. A passive intake like that is fine for a small grow.
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Thanks for that input ill definently be putting in the order for that and a PH meter soon heres a little updates i went and baught a T5 today with 4 cool tubes check it out

My Girl in the back was happy this morning when this picture was taken but now she looks droppy as hell and i dont know why. I do not have a PH meter and im thinking she doesnt like the PH of my water. Wouldnt my General Hydroponic Nutes work to PH my soil a little till i get a meter??????????
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OO YESS let me tell you IT WAS MESSY AS SHIT but My Purple God Bud is loving it my B.F.F The one with darker leafs is still in shock but she is bigger so she had alot more roots. Heres a few pics

Those were all from yesterday here is pics from today THE PURPLE GB IS GROWING NEW ROOTS LIKE CRAZY

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I'm not a hydro guy, but those roots of the BFF look almost black and I don't think they should unless you've given them something that does that, like liquid karma. Then again, is that just some remnants of soil clinging on?
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Yes thats some left over soil i think if she doesnt show signs of recovery by the time my 600w gets here(Tuesday :D) Then im gonna take her out and put Blueberry Dwarf in. The one with soil still in her roots (B.F.F.) is growing new roots isnt that a good thing. The only problem is her top side is still looking to be in shock
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Yea thats what i was thinking if her roots are growing down to the water somethings gotta be happening. Im loving this hydro i can see new root growth everyday. My 600w will be here on Tuesday THEN WE CAN REALLY GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD. My PH is sitting at 6.2 right now temp in room is about 83
your gonna love that 600, plants will grow tremendously. They may droop the first days you put the 600 in, thats a lot more lumens they have to get use to. Mine always droop for about 2-3 days after i introduce them to the 1000.
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thats for that info i had no idea i would have made another useless forum lol But anyway my B.F.F. has yet to recover she is still droppy as all hell and i still dont know why. Only problem im having with Purple GB is a few tips of her leaves are turning brown is that over nuting? Her roots are growing alot the B.F.F. Not so much but she still shows new root growth daily
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I got my 600w and just finished setting up my room i just dont wanna turn it on for some reason lol. Anyway My room is 4x4 and my girls are gonna love it. I dont want to move them tonight so ill leave them till tomorrow. My Purple GB's ROOTS ARE GROWING LIKE CRAZY she is loving the Hydro but she has Brown tips and brown spots all over her lower leafs what could that be Over Nuting?


Heres some new pics of my Ladies Im a little worried about them both My B.F.F. Has yet to recover from transplant and her roots are growing SOOOOO SLOWWWWWW.

My Purple GB looks to be over nuted she has brown spots on some of her leafs and a few leafs and brown and wilted at the ends but HER ROOTS ARE LOVING IT
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Are you talking about the one still in soil or the bigger one? The one in soil i have no clue what is wrong with her but im thinking she needs to be transplanted into a bigger pot. At first i was planning to do a 3 plant DWC but i figured 2 would be easier since its my first grow. So i will transplant her sometime soon and im hoping she will take off. If its the bigger one yours talking about i transplanted both my plants from Soil to hydro and she still seems to be in shock. Today i carefully picked some of the soil that was still in the roots. Has anybody transplanted and had there plants root growth be very slow and look so droopy???