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Houston.... Do we have a problem?


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The leaves of a few of my plants are curling upwards... it doesn't look like they're praying:hmmmm: so I'm just guessing it's either heat stress or nitrogen problem..........:hmmmm: hoping someone could help me out:adore:




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Re: Houston.... Do we have a problem????

M deficent

add a couple tablespoons of epson salt to a gallon of your water

I read something somewhat contrary... said to take a teaspoon to one gallon and for the quickest results apply foliar.
Any thoughts on this?
I'm just questioning it cause I've read two diff ratios of mixing plus yours so I'm somewhat reluctant to start dousing em' with salt.....
So would it be better to do both?
How much is too much?
What kind of reaction am I gonna get if they get too much?


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Re: Houston.... Do we have a problem????

Start with the lowest ratio and see how they react.
If you foliar feed always use a weaker solution.
You should see a reaction within a couple days, if not increase the ratio and wait a couple more days.
A tablespoon per gallon was fine for my application.

As always,
that's what works for me.
Your conditions more than likely differ and so will your results.
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