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How’s the flowering coming along in everyone’s outdoor girls?

The Celt

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Harvest has begun



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I hope you can bring That inside! Or it flowers really fast. What strain is it?
My mate gave me 5 seeds its manchester stardawg crossed with white walker. He grows indoors and i decided to do this in a greenhouse in scotland... I know. Its had bare minimum nutrients and ive been having some problems recently that i am too inexperienced to troubleshoot. Ill post some recent pictures the mrs took
and tomorrow if anyone is able to help i can show you the problems im facing, i would love the help and feedback, thanks!

The Celt

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Not sure about the white spots on the leaves, not seen that before, but that picture of the stem looks like damage from the fungus that causes bud rot. I’ve had that girdle stems before the bud gets infected and kill the entire plant above that point if not caught early.
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