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How am I doing?


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Using the s.h ------------ and use hydroton rocks+rockwhool..started germinating a master kush seed last sunday (3-4-12) in water then switching to the paper towel method.
Thursday 2days later theres a 1/2 inch taproot so it then was planted. I added my nutrients to the water-turned lights on-small fan(just for circulation). walls are mylar covered with 2 basic lights dual spectrum lights.
Thursday Night same day started noticing white patches on my rocks..got nervous and poured fresh water to wash this away. then notice a real small green lump..not protruding tho! Went to bed woke up and saw the spots are coming back and a 1/4in sprout.
Saturday today 1inch sprout and the first true leaves..seems like its doing good? This is my first time so im sketchy about the white patches...Please leave any advice you have...


I wouldn't be bothering with any fertilizers just yet. The soil should have more than enough in it to sustain the early growth. fertilising at such an early stage will cause problems very quickly I believe.


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The green lumps are called Algae. To stop that from happening, cover the tops of the pots with some thing that light can't get through, with a slit or hole for the stem to come through. It is caused by light hitting something that has water or holds water.

the white stuff is hard to say with out pics. could be from your water or some kind of mold.


Ooops sorry bout that Startinstrong. . .didn't read your post properly . . . my bad. . . . thought u were growing in soil, so ignore my advice re hydro, of which I know less than zip about
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