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How are my cuts looking


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Hey Hey

Well I have started to chop my buds down and this being my 1st ever harvest. Its a SLOW process much slower if you have big fingers and little trimers. Check out my pics I managed to get the smallest plant I had chopped and hung and just maybe like 4 bottom branches from my main plant.

If you would take a look at my buds and and please be extremely harsh with your judgments and tell me what you think of my 1st time cutting skills and how to improve. I dont know why but I cant seem to tell if I am cutting to much or to little. just lay it on me lol.

Ill continue to update till they are all chopped hopefully adjusting as I go and get everything nice and perfect.

This was about 3 hours of work...
before any chopping

after 1st stage of chopping

1st tray was from my smallest plant #4 it the entire plant she was small

2nd tray only like 4 branches from the bottom of my main plant

Ohh the tray is 16X11


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No tips huh strange.... well here is the rest of plant #1 hope you enjoy...
ill list the pics from lower branches to top cola

and my main colas

once again pan is 11X16in


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to me the seem a bit ripe, still smokable. so how long is that strain supposed to take to flower?

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I am sure this will be great weed to smoke. However, I also think you might have chopped a little early. I think seed companies over estimate their finish times. I usually start my finnishing count down not at the 12/12 switch but when I actually see the female hairs.

My first few grows I harvested closer to the estimated finnish times from the seed companies and ended up with good weed however after a few grows I have waited longer and have had much better results.

Now I wait because just a few more weeks of flower will give you a more bud weight and a more potent product.
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