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How big for indoor


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Hi guys im new to the forum and also new to growing! I was wondering about size of plants before and after flowering. I switched the girls to 12/12 a week ago and and 2 out of the 5 went into 12/12 at 4ft,and are now 51 inch's .

What should i expect for them to top out at?

And how tall are plants usualy when people switch to 12/12?


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I put mine at 12/12 when they reached 4 feet.. when it was time to harvest, my plants were at 5 feet. so expect another foot in height.

You should expect 2 ounces or more per each plant... all depending on your growing method, feeding schedule and what not. For me, I harvested 6 ounces out of 1 five feet plant. and 5 ounces out of a 4 feet plant, in total 11 ounces.
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