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How can I help my seedling stand up straight? Pics Included


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Hey again! So, I’m at the end of day # 6 and I have a question (ok, well actually two questions). One of my plants is bending a little. I’ve got my LED light at 36” away, which is what the manufacturer suggested for seedlings. Is there something I can use to help the plant stand tall? There is room for more soil in the pot, so would it be ok to just add more soil?

Also, my 2nd question is: for the plant that already had its second set of leaves, is this considered the 2nd node? Thanks!



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More lights.
Stronger lights.
Closer lights.
More blue light / less red light.

Position seedling deeper in soil(?).

Fan blowing gently on seedling.
Gently twist top of seedling's stem a few times per day whilst holding bottom in place (not really necessary, but can help somewhat with strengthening stem).


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I filled mine up with soil once they grew out like that mine did fine I wanted to give it extra support
I’m a first timer but my plants did great also as I was researching I seen that when plants look that way they are reaching
look that up
Meaning they are trying to get closer to the sun/light ((reaching cannabis plants)) check it out hope this helps remember I’m a very first timer myself and I did good
My plants in picture good luck



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That plant should be about twice that size at 6 full days.
Is that "soil" Coco or some other inert medium?
I agree with TS, though I would leave off the twisting.

Needs touch closer light
Needs a nice breeze
Add a little worm castings on top
i’m using Happy Frog soil and an Electric Sky 300 for the LED light. I do have a fan in the grow tent blowing air around, but it’s not oscillating. I have it on the lowest setting, but it is pointed at the plants.


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Nothing complicated at all your just afraid to put the light close so the plant does not need to stretch and can bulk fast. Here is an example think sun new emerging seedling putting out it's cotyledon leaves in full may sun. If plants can survive full sun when they emerge from the soil then any grow light should be fine to keep close.



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You can get it a bit lower and be good then when they leaf out back it back to recommended. Keep us updated with photos so we can keep an eye see how the react. And when you repot them bury them right up to the first leaves or the single cotyledon they will grow roots along the stretched stem.

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Good question on LED light distance from seedling.
Word choices given by forum describing individual criteria are critical to the learning process.
Just to give a short example in comparison to your situation,I use a SF-1K LED,and manufac recomm for seedling is 24"
Germination is 24" - 30"
Veg 18" - 24"
Flower 12" - 18 "

Good luck
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