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How can I improve taste on my next grow?


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Hello all my 420Friends,
I recently harvested about 2 weeks ago. I dried and cured in a small mason jar making sure to burp the jar everyday. I actually let mine sit with the lid off a little longer as i have had to throw away a whole harvest due to mold. An it hurts. So yesterday it was perfect not moist but not to dry. So i went ahead and gave it a try. The smoke wasn't harsh more so just bland. The high was perfect. Also, the bud itself had no smell until it was ground up. I guess how do I help the flavor and aroma during flowering. Or does that all depend on the strain? Here are some picture of my harvest.
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Looks undergrown...maybe shorter vege time and def some nutes during prefower and full flower...i personally used FoxFarms line up, did me right....not sure if your using outdoor like me tho.


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But the high was perfect, and that's an important point. I imagine by research and knowledge gained your next grow will be more abundant, tastier, and will hopefully get you just as high. Keep sealing that jar, the longer it cures the tastier it is.


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Hey loudpakpappi & nwpassage,
It was harvested about a week early. An that was due to all the rain/floods we got. I only have enough lights and room for 1 large and 2 small plants inside. So I had to make a choice. Like I said though the high was perfect. So curing longer sets the flavor in over a longer period of time? Oh, the nutes I used during pre-flowering were Organicareâ„¢ SEAPLEX (full strenth), Foxfarm's Happy Frog Fruit & Flower (5-8-4), and Better~Gro® Better-Bloom (11-35-15 at 1/4 strenth). During Flowering I used Organicareâ„¢ SEAPLEX and Grotekâ„¢ Monster Bloom (0-50-30 at 1/2 strenth). Please tell me what im doing wrong because the yield too was not what I expected either.


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Hello TheCelt,
Well i have learned on this grow that if i grow outside i Only need to grow what i can finish or have the room for inside. I have another female indoor that I put back in to veg. For a few weeks. But I am definitely going give her time when i get to flowering.


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IMO/experience, strong, pleasant, powerful and potent flavors and smells in your buds come full on when you grow your cannabis in organic soil. Nothing compares to high quality organic MMJ. That's a solid starting point. Good genetics play a real role there as well. Allowing the buds to fully mature/ripen is just one more piece of the quest for the tasty weed puzzle. Which seriously isn't too puzzling.

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I have to are with ElkTurd, I do believe organic produces the more smell and flavor :) And Killacam, I know how weather can't force harvest times, I live where it can get quite miserable in sept/oct and forcharvest earlier then I'd like sometimes :)


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im new to growing and currently awaiting my first harvest ... Do you think it's a good idea to cut my nutes about 2 weeks before harvest so they can use up most of the phosphorus ... I'm using 0-12-0 Indonesia seabird guano ...


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You basically killed the terpenes expression by giving too strong nutes, anything that goes over 10 will go against what you're trying to achieve, which is have her grow. You have also had very saturated soil to begin with, the one that doesn't anything else there really.
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