How Can I Make My Seedlings Stem Stronger?

Well, organic potted plants can be a bit more challenging compared to organically grown plants that are in the ground. Commercial fertilizer can be immediately absorbed by plants. Organic soil/fertilizer needs microbes and things like earthworms that aid the plants ability to absorb nutrients. It's a bit more challenging to create that environment in a pot. But not impossible.
if a get this answer.. seems like I am better off staying with the MIRACLE-GRO.. sense I am a first time grower I think I will stay with
the MIRACLE-GRO! will try organics next time..
Thanks rodger
PROBLEM is I started my 3 plants in a 12oz paper cup. DIRT. I used MIRACLE-GRO Moisture Control Potting Mix protects Against
Over & under watering !. I want to change to ORGANIC when I transplant am I causeing my self problems by mixing the 2 ??.
or is there something I need to do just the dirt in the cups
Never ever use miracle grow. Pro mix is best. I used miracle grow big mistake very acidic. Has a bunch of junk hence why for flowers

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Howdy I'm gonna pull up a chair and see what happens here if ya don't mind. I just harvested so Ive got a week or so to just drive around and check out journals. First off that mg soil is shit and it's SUPER BAD to use for germinating it's too "hot" im not saying you can't but I can tell you it's gonna be difficult. The top 3 things that make THE difference in growing indoors are light soil and nutrients. NEVER do you use a soil with a time release fertilizer. How the hell does the dirt know when your plants need nutrients? Gotta spend a little cash the cheapest way dirt wise would be imho Dr. Earth at Home Depot but you wanna mix 1/3 dirt 1/3 perilite and 1/3 peat moss. Organic good but organic is more expensive and time consuming. So nutrients are next. General hydroponics has a full line 3 part system that's cheap and works great my last run I got almost 5 bags off two plants in 86 days using this line. Stay away from botanicare as they sold out to Monsanto. IF you must use cfl's ya gotta use a lot they gotta be close like a inch or two from the plant and you imho need reflectors on ALL of them and cfl u need peripheral lighting as well. Also you'll need to buy a few red and a few black spot lights red for veg all three for flower (your trying to create full spectrum lighting like the sun or an led light). If your running autos give em at least 20/4 there entire life. If there photos 18/6 for veg and then when you hit flower you give them an hour extra of dark every other day until your at 12/12. I'll be around my journals link is in my signature it's perpetual so this last run starts on page 19. Good luck brother keep em green

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We aren't trying to copy nature we are trying to make the best environment possible people get caught up with stuff like that and try to imitate outdoor and end up with hermies. If it's fem seed 12/12 to flower and that way til 2 weeks to harvest then 10/14 to get more dark. Colder temps last 2 weeks also

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Feed Microbes, beneficials and Bloom's Silica. Read application carefully because this stuff is 31.0% P on NPK! They have dosages for all stages but I use 1/4 dose regardless during seedling stage up to the 4th set of leaves.


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you definitely could use those lights all the way through harvest. I have vegged 6 plants using 4 t-12 bulbs, which is half the lighting you have

The trick is to keep the lights very close to the plants as they lose intensity over a distance. By the looks of your setup, the lights should be close enough when they get bigger to provide enough light on the side of the plant. I would get a couple of the spiral CFL's for above the plants though.
Yes you can. But those lights will burn your leaves, when they touch. You'd be better off with a 200w led, hung overhead. And if you add up all the cfl wattage, I'd say it's pretty close to 200w, now? you can now buy a good light for a small space, very cheap. Me, I'm waiting on the next generation of leds to come sell me a light ?


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this is the problem i'm having....could you point me in the right to direction of a solution?....thanks
Try and get your light closer depending on type Much closer! They look to be stretching from lack of light. also oscillating fan on low will encourage thicker stronger structure. MJ plants love a light breeze. Hope this helps. Grow on and grow strong!


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What if you have no lights ..but just using natural light of the sun do you make them grow stronger and up ..mine are laying side ways. sorry no pics.
They need min 8 hours direct sunlight. Indirect light causes stress. Not recommended to be grown in window. Using 3 to 5 CFL lights in door is a cheap and easy way to grow and usually people have these lights handy. Just be sure to keep them 3 to 5 inches from your plant to avoid further stretch problems. Otherwise put you plant out doors. I doubt it is getting the direct light needed to grow let alone produce flowers..... pic and plastic makes for awesome cheap greenhouse in colder climates
Need assistance know I need to transplant them to different pot soon I just moved my lights a bit closer I just had one plant in the back fall over I scooted some dirt around it so it would stand up ive had it on 18/6 light schedule just looking for advice unsure of how to add a picture on a smartphone can email a picture if needed
Don't worry too much. You can put a splint in with a stick or something to sturdy it up. When you transplant it, plant it a little deeper. Or add some soil to help hold it up. A little air movement will also help make it support itself, but where you said it fell over, it will probably need a splint.
Also. Keep rotating the pot so it's facing away from the light, that way it will start to grow towards the light. Then rotate again. It will strengthen up the more it hardens up.


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I've cut a section of a drinking in straw vertically so that I could CAREFULLY spread it open and slip it around a floppy stem, with it just far enough down into the media to stay vertical.