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How can I tell whether my drooping plant is overwatered or underwatered?

Captain Kronic

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For the most part that plant looks good... except that you sunburned the shit out of it! From the looks of it, you will only lose those 2 bottom leaves... no big in the grand scheme of things.

I'd bet a days meds you don't have near the lumens that the sun put on that girl... even 45 mins on a tender young plant can cause a lot of damage... it is August after all!

Most peeps if you took them and put them in tropical latitude sun would get hella burned in 45 mins... makes sense don't it.

The only thing you can do now is keep doing what you do except for direct sun... put her in broken sunlight/shade... it's called hardening off!


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My temp stays at 74 Degrees. I have fans and proper humidity. I am having some bottom leaves to burn. I researched on pruning, but it seems I could harm the plant.
Does anyone know how to do this properly?
Thank You very much for your help!


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The bottom sunleaves can be removed,it wont hurt the plant as much as it is helping. Later in the plants life bottom leaves get shaded by the Cannopy and become sort of a waste of energy. So when you remove them the energy they used is then transfered to the upper sunleaves and budsites. Look into "lollipopping" theres plenty of videos pictures and forums out there. Good luck!


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hey guys i am new to this forum and i got almost the same problem i am using DVC and i am in 1st week of seeding and i got them in rock wool and clay peddles temp 26 c ph6 and i water them randomly with injection when i see they need to yesterday i used a small fan and i lower the 400 hps lamp to 62 cm away from plant .... today the 2 of 5 plants were dropping down i haven't put water in the container yet i am planing to do it in second week with the air stones i use very low amount of nutrition in the water i use for the plants is ... if need more info tell me i ll write as many as possible with ditails sorry again i am new in forums and new grower plz hellp i ll post some photos of plant when was healthy and how is now


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Hey guys running a 600w hps light with green house seed co Big Bang auto flower. Gave it veg nutrients (i know i should change to flower nutrients) i will next feeding. I water 2x a week about 1.5l to the big one, (small which are clones of the big get 350ml) ligts are 18/6. This over water or just a nutrient screw up? Should i just do a flush and feed with flowering nuts? Sorry for the pic hps lights make it hard, ill pull it out to take more. To me it looks like over watering but my soil is bone dry and the the plant and pot are very light


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I need some major help, I have two plants growing Indica and Sativa not sure what strain both Fem. I'm on my 4th week of flowering and for the past 4 days my sativa has been on a downward trajectory. At first, both plants were slightly wilting towards the bottom with leaves drooping, I thought they were thirsty so I watered them and they seemed to improve the next day but the following day my sativa was even more wilted than before. Today on the sativa the buds have even begun to wilt. The grow medium seems like its still moist I put in an extra fan to increase air circulation but the plant is getting even sadder.

There are no discolorations for the most part the leaves are still very dark green. I'm desperate and I don't want my girl to die. Please help, anyone, suggestions are welcome and much appreciated.

Black Lab

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Last pic looks like nitrogen toxicity to me. I'm still learning. Hooked tips everywhere, a few look pinched near the middle/base of leaflets making a 'wet draped over towel' look as I see it. Same symptoms for no3 tox according to pics on GWE so that's my guess. I experienced the pinch and a few very dark fans after trying a "beastly veg" mix on YouTube which tripled my nitrates.


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Hi all, first timer here. Got problems lime green leaves, clawed leaves not looking to promising had a underwaterd problem aswell but that has picked up. Av used epsom salts to help the m Def but still got yellow tips even on new growth should i throw the ladies away?


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Hi all, first timer here. Got problems lime green leaves, clawed leaves not looking to promising had a underwaterd problem aswell but that has picked up. Av used epsom salts to help the m Def but still got yellow tips even on new growth should i throw the ladies away?
It now sounds like you have added too much nutes, not certain without pics, but my best guess is water it with clean water next time, see how it acts, never throw it out, I hang onto to some hurtin lookin plants all the time with high hopes!


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Hi all, first timer here. Got problems lime green leaves, clawed leaves not looking to promising had a underwaterd problem aswell but that has picked up. Av used epsom salts to help the m Def but still got yellow tips even on new growth should i throw the ladies away?
water with just ph balanced water for a few waterings until you get things under control.. doing to much to correct a problem usually leads to more problems. RO or Distilled water for a few waterings should help a lot. When in doubt flush it out.


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Hey guys what if a seedling is slightly bent over? after adding a second light, I notice my seedling has now started bending. It isn't bending toward the new light though, but rather the old. They are both cfls and the new light is a small warm light.


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KingsKush, the yellowing in the leaves is nitrogen deficiency, are you giving them proper veg nutes? As for ipmartin, your problem is underwatering definitely. The plant can only tell us something is wrong in so many ways, under/over watering will resemble similar traits. The best way to make sure your girls are always watered properly follow this method, itswhat I've done for years; if the top inch of your medium is moist, don't water until you can press up to your first knuckle & its dry. Then water til you see 20% run off water from the bottom. And always make sure to use pH adjusted water! The roots also need to be able to breathe, so having proper drainage/grow medium is essential! Hope everything's going better! Ask if you are seeking any further assistance, I'd be happy to help.


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The pot its in is still a little too large for the size of your baby. Noticing the lighter green, & growth you are most likely over watering. That's a lot of room for a relitivley smallish plant still. Don't water til the top inch of your media is dry, then when you water next, water in a small circle around the plant. And generally speaking sometimes babies (depends on strain) show slightly deformed growth in their early life, they should grow out of it. Also, when they're that size they love nutrients! Just make sure it's super diluted! Good luck!


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Rather than depend on waiting for the appearance of the foliage to indicate whether or not your plants are in need of H2O, why not just use the medium to be your guide. Soak it completely through and then every couple of days or so, stick your finger in the medium up to the knuckle. The average human knuckle is about two inches long, seriously. I can just see all the heads checking this thread out sitting there measuring their knuckles right now, lol. Anyway, two inches is a good depth to determine if your medium needs water or not. If the top two inches is dry, water. If damp or moist, chill and check it again the next day and so forth. Plants take time to recover from any stressfull situation and both growth and flower development will suffer as a result. Hope this helps...:peace:
What if you have both? Some look normal and healthy and dome are looking like they had to much water?


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Im a new grower here. I planted 4 marijuana, but 3 of them died. The recent one that ive tried to plant just popped up from soil and not looking good at all.

It seems like the cotyledon doesnt open up, droop leaf and stem.

Can you please tell whats going on with my plant? Im i overwatering?

I put seed around 1/2 inch in the soil.
Spray some water everyday because the soil dried out so quick.

I used two 45w and one 65w cfl bulb
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