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How can I transplant my plant into a bigger pot?

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We are now 21 days old and time to move out of the house and get a job. Well get a new house anyway. I am a first time (serious) grower of my own, and today I am going to show the step by step method to transplant from a 6" pot to a final home (I only know the home is a lot bigger).

This is Stretch, so called because she stands heads above the others all the same age. Say HIGH to stretch.

Here you see that I have already prepared the soil in advance. The pot is about 2/3 full with a bowl made in the bottom about 4-5" down slightly off center. I used water and a bit of Epsom salt to wet the soil as I saw a slight (maybe mg) yellowing on some other plants. (Preventative measures?)

Note: If you are using a soil mix with organic ferts it MUST be prepared at least 7-10 days before using it (the time needed for the micro fauna and flora to develop). Of course, if you just mix plain potting soil (pre-fertilized) with neutral additives like perlite, this is less important.

I use the handle of a spoon or knife to go around the edge of the pot to loosen the soil. I could feel the resistance when I came upon a lot of roots and went around them. If you use an up/down motion it will loosen the soil as well.

After you have gone around the plant entirely, turn the plant over using your hand to support the stem and soil coming out. I put the stem between my fingers and cover as much surface of the soil as I could.

In the bottom of your pot I use the drain holes to push out the soil. Go around once and gently shake and lift the pot away from the soil. (I cheated a bit in that I placed a coffee filter in the bottom of the planter prior to adding soil, and yes the roots went through no problem).

Now take what you have in your hand and gently try to loosen the soil a bit. (It's not a big deal if only very little comes apart.)

Place this into the hole you created in the new pot, you should be about 3 inches below the top of the pot.

Now you should give it about a cup or so of water. I would advise to water around the plant, not directly at the base. Soaking the medium is really useless, plus it won't promote fast root growth.

Then I top it off will some more soil until it's almost to the top and just give it a good spray to wet it down a bit.

There you go stretch; this will be you home until your day comes. It only took me 12 minutes from start to finish. You should start to see growth again in a few days.


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In my first pots, the ones I have actually germinated my seeds in, approx 5cm diameter, I notice that the soil actually pulsl away from the sides of the pot, this would allow the plant to be removed very easily but unsure if it the right thing to be happening.I presume it is simply due to the dry/wet/dry cycle. Is it fine like that?


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Sure, the plants is like our humans. They have the feelings. They want to find the comfortable places to growing. We should give them a comfortable places.


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While transplanting simply add water. water gently fills in all the spaces around the plant, roots and roothairs. Place the plant in the container gently and cover the rootballs with soil or medium. Water them thoroughly, drenching the container until the water comes out from the bottom. Soak the container completely until the water pours out. This procedure will assures the faster recovery of your plant after transplanting and reduce or eliminate transplant shock.


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Do it a couple of days after watering, you want the soil neither sopping wet nor dust dry. Ease the entire rootball out of the pot, keeping the rootball as undisturbed as possible. Put enough soil in your new pot to bring the level of the rootball to the top, then surround the rootball with new soil. Give it a water, top up the soil if necessary.
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