How Cannabis Helps My Schizophrenia


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After struggling with Schizophrenia and Bipolar all my life I discovered Cannabis at one point and slowly but surely after almost 20 years it took over my entire medicine regime/profile. See I happen to be a Cannabis effective indavidual. I do not get stoned. I do not get wrecked. I just get normal and normal is a high in itself. I been tested for IQ before I was a Cannabis user and after. The scores are eerily the same and I smoke on average 112-170+ grams per month of a wonderful variety of medicinal Cannabis from a legal dispensary. The fact I can smoke 3-4 grams in a sitting and not get "High" is astonishing to most as well. I smoke THC wax in the 90+% range and I find it makes me contempt. But when I smoke leafy bud I do catch a buzz and have some laughs... I am Indica and Sativa sensitive. Sativas could make me "High" but they only work during the day for the various reasons I use them. The indicas I use are quite simple , Kush to make me sleep or helps my sex drive go over board , any Dank Indica for sleep inducing or anxiety attacks works wonders. Sativas are great motivators for me , they also increase my appetite and mood is enhanced to positivity. I am on the right track I use on average 8 strains per month not including Hashish and Oil. All of which I have a deep understanding how they work with my body system and chemistry. This is a milestone for any patient using any medicine but this is my personal milestone and in no way directed to make other assume it is the right path. One thing for sure , genetics from South African Sativas can be potentially dangerous for mental health patients because they can cause increased anxiety. My suggestion for those people is to do some jumping jacks or go for a long walk before they hoot up. Gets your heart pumping and makes you metabolize the chemicals faster and allows you enough relaxation to enjoy your buzz after exerting energy. Sativa trick old school. If Indicas knock you out consider using them solely for sleep and ultimate relaxation. Cheers and much love all! :thumb::420:
I will be doing a more consistent regime of meds.... I will start using strong edibles incorporated in my coffee , hot chocolate , tea and foods. I will make extracts of a consistent nature so I can monitor dosages. My goal is to over medicate so I stop missing cannabis dosages (Yes smoking cannabis becomes a chore to some when used as medicine)

I do not have major expectations but figure it is worth doing for the experience. I will make the test last as long as possible as well. One major dosage per day in the mornings.
I have Pre Schizophrenia Form Disease and I can defensibly say that cannabis use has helped 110%. Without vaporizing at least once a week I would have went crazy do to the pills they have been giving me. IDK if I will have my diagnoses changed in the future, but after three years im about to start working again and hopefully growing again soon to. Only thanks to cannabis and of course 420 magazine thanks guys.:thumb:
1-2 Tablespoons of cannabutter allow me to sleep up to 8 hours straight with no stirring. I do this once or twice a week because it is powerful and tough to wake up coherently. If I take it in the morning I get sleepy and can be irritable , I need to try smaller dosages...

Still unsure about use of my tincture it seems to numb pain but do nothing for mood and sleep. For me it is not a every day meds I am not in pain every day.

Green Oil works wonders for anxiety attacks and to increase appetite and helps with overall mood. Dosages are very small and usually not needed daily. More for emergencies when things get overwhelming.

Haze helps keep me leveled out for the most part small dosages are best for functionality large dosages can make me sleepy. Indicas make me sleepy. Sativas can make me anxious unless I do some exercise first then it works as a motivator and ultimate daytime medicine. Ruderalis works quickly , stabilizes mood and makes me hungry also kills some pain and has numbing effects as well as I notice it helps with inflammations and helps my joints be more flexible.
since the last time i posted I've have received a change to my diagnoses. From Schizophrenia to Adjustment Disorder which is defined as:

An adjustment disorder (AD) occurs when an individual is unable to adjust to or cope with a particular stressor, like a major life event. Since people with this disorder normally have symptoms that depressed people do, such as general loss of interest, feelings of hopelessness and crying, this disorder is sometimes known as situational depression. Unlike major depression the disorder is caused by an outside stressor and generally resolves once the individual is able to adapt to the situation.[1] One hypothesis for adjustment disorder is that it may represent a sub-threshold clinical syndrome.

I had been taking tons of different medications that didn't quite work for me so, now that im off of all the medications that were prescribed and i am consuming Medical Cannabis on a whenever i can buy basic's. I now feel more alive and more free than i have ever felt before.

Once again i have to Thank the Cannabis Community & of course 420 Magazine for all the help throughout these 3 years of Ups & Downs.

SUPPORT Prop: A-6357 NYC Medical Cannabis BILL
This is my medicine and I am never going to willingly change that. I spent more than half my life to get here with progress nobody can stop me or I will die.
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