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How cannabis loosens pain's hook on one's consciousness


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Hey peeps: I'm wondering if anyone cares to discuss how cannabis helps us with the emotional/karmic/spiritual (whatever term you prefer) "therapy" that is (for me) an indispensible part of grappling with pain. Grapple is a good old word: 13th century French meaning a hook for gathering grapes; in the late 1500s meaning is to struggle in close combat; by the 1630s it's used in the more abstract sense of grappling with immaterial issues (very Baroque).

So on this level (emotional, karmic, etc.) pain gets a hook into me, and forces me to pay attention to it. We all know how "attached" our pain is to us; for me, on this cannabis journey I've undertaken, it's become part of the therapy to address the pain on psycho-spiritual-emotional levels. It means I have to address my deepest fears.

I think this process is akin to the process of finding the strains and harvesting times that work best for one's constitution (as I wrote on the PAIN thread). Cannabis has gently guided me in this process; she makes it possible for me to do it. I've written about how the inclusion of CBD into the cannabis medicinal synergy (I personally don't care for the term entourage effect: synergy is so much more efficient) has transformed my life: with the anxiety at an all-time low, I am much more fearless or brave about examining my other grapplings--with that awful world out there (mother nature being my goddess and refuge from all the horrific human stuff going on) and my quest to expand my consciousness.

The goddess cannabis requires of me that I search for healing on many levels; I can't speak for nobody else.
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