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How do I best take advantage of this cabinet?


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in my hand lamps

6500k 24w x 17 LMN 1450 = 24650
2700k 20w x 4 1300 lmn = 5200
6500k 756lmn 18w x6 = 4536

Total Lumen = 34386

What can I do in my hand, these lamps are available. How do you suggest a design.
1 - large closet, how many should I put the lamp?
2 - What should be the shape of my Reflektörü?
3 - How do I increase the lumen of the reflector if I do?
4 - Does the attic better reflector or not reflector? (Height 60-70cm)


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The lights are going to be ok for the veg stage but for bloom you are going to want more light. There are some inexpensive LED grow lights on ebay and also individual led grow lights that will fit into your CFL sockets.

Like these LED


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I would put drain holes in those cups. What size pots are your plants going into? I would put all the light into the big cabinet. Plants need a lot of light. 4.5' x 3.3' x 2' is the cabinet size. It looks like you have at least 10 plants. How many are you going to put in the cabinet? What kind of grow are you planning to do. Are you going to put them all into 2L bottles and do a sog? That is a lot of plants for that space. One plant in a 10L pot would fill the cabinet up. :peace:


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Colo. Bugün iki dolapları için bir reflektör yaptı. Seni nasıl elimi lambaları sizce birleştirmek mi? Kaç kabine zorunluluk için lümen. yazılı boyutlar.

Elimde lambalar

24W x 17 LMN 6500K 1450 = 24650
2700K 20W x 4 1300 lmn = 5200
6500k 756lmn 18W x6 = 4536

Toplam Lümen = 34386

it my reflectorS


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Tomorrow I will pass my hand $ 3,500. I will rent my shop. This old guy was very good :). Have a home of my apartment. because it is close to the springs evi.de continuous high humidity. 1 room enough for this much money? I want to make money out of it. please help. I'll send you pictures of other houses. APARTMEN be solid frankly scares me. Anyway I was sitting at home APARTMEN solid. :)

Attic adequate system can interact with the money I guess. Because height 70cm will reduce the quality of everything. auto flowering cannabis and THC less. THC cannabis does not produce too much of dwarf continuously spoken. What do you say? Dwarf species should grow in the attic? Would you give me an idea?


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I am not sure about how much money you can make in your country. Just be very safe in what you do. The low height will not reduce quality. I grew a "Himalayan Blue Diesel" that only got 30cm high. The quality was excellent. The quantity was very low because the plant was so small. 420 Magazine ® will show you how to grow good plants. They will be big but not tall. You will get very good quality from short bushy plants. Good luck my friend. :thumb:


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Ben bitkiler büyüyebilir ama ben, hyroponic tavan toprak-boru sistemi, daha sonra 15cm .45-60cm 30-40 tüpler olun. sgrog yapmak. 3m yüksekliği 70 cm alanı. led sistem çok güzel olurdu. Ben bütün alanını kullanmak istiyorum. ama nasıl bilmiyorum. Eğer tavan arasında arazi çalışmak zorunda değilsiniz? Çatı Fotoğrafa


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