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How do I clean my glass bull bowl?


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Soooo.. I have this bull glass bowl and its pretty dirty (way different from picture)
anyways, my brother and I cleaned most of the res out like by sticking a paperclip in and scraping and hot water but there is still some remaning stuff around the bull's mouth and like around and like on bottom of the bowl that we couldn't reach with a paperclip.
Any tips for like soaking it? What should I put in there?
I tried to read other posts but I'm not sure if anyones ever cleaned a pipe like this before.
ty in advance :icon_cool


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get a zip-loc baggie, a nice big one. Place your bowl into the bag and fill with ISO Alcohol till the pipe is covered. next pour in enough salt to fill 1/4 the liquid. now zip it up and shake, shake, shake.. keep on shaking till clean, rinse with hot water and soap and your all good..


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Get a ziploc bag and pour some 91% rubbing alcohol & some epsom salt in it. Let it sit for a couple minutes, then start shaking it up until it gets clean. Hope this helps :peace:


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Buy some smoke soap (google it) ..... put it into a tupperware container and let it sit overnight. When you rinse it out the next day, it will be sparkling clean. Strain the dirty smoke soap through a paper towel to get out the chunks and pour the smoke soap back into the bottle. It can be reused over and over. Best thing I've found yet.

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how about some of those tablets people use to soak their false teeth in to clean them. put 2 of these tabs and the pipe in a zip lock bag and add water to cover? one of these days i'm going to try this. wait, i don't have a glass pipe.
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