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How do I determine a female sex plant from a male?


Female and male preflowers are key signs of the genetic outcome....

Whether it be those wonderful female calyx's with those shiny glistening magical sticky transprent bright hairs or the dreaded little ball sacs of male genetic power which hold the dusty pollen in its flowers.. the key sign are quite distinct if you know what to look for..

Here are some photos of both "M&F" starting with the females. Seeing as the flowers come from the female genetics and the actual buds most growers ... "breeders aside" are looking to produce let's begin here...


Buds Buddy

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My personal experience with Bag Seed or store bought Regs. is that 2/3rds of them will be males unless you happen to be really lucky. Therefore I plant about 15 seeds to make sure I get 4 - 6 females. Once you have females, clone them & you will always get females.


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I've been given 20 Gorilla Glue seeds to grow for a friend whose wife has breast, bone, and maybe brain cancer. I really need to sex them, and know how to do that BUT I'm wondering if there is any other way other than looking for balls or the double hairs of the female preflower? Sixteen of them popped and now they are about 3 weeks old under lights, all are between 14 inches and 18 inches tall. All I know to do is set them outside in the greenhouse (can't change the light schedule in the room due to other plants), and wait for them to show. Thoughts?

Next question. If I do that, will there be an issue with putting them back under lights... I'm kind of worried about creating a hermie due to inducing flowering, then shifting them back to veg. Really, I just want to weed out the males so I can get something going for these people, the sooner the better.
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