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How Do I Fertilize Seedlings Outdoors?

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If you're going to start from seed outside, and your soil isn't the best, you may need a gentle fertilizer. If the plants are going to need a good soak, water them with plain water first, and then apply the mix on top.

Mr Natural420's Baby Food

Into twenty gallons of water mix:

1 pint wormcasting tea (gentle ferts)
half a bottle of Guiness Stout (enzymes)
1 cup corn syrup (sugar for the good bugs)
1 cup of non-fluoride mouthwash (protects seedlings from damping off)
1/2 cup Ivory dish soap (breaks surface tension)


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Sounds great, I might substitute the Guiness Stout with a Fat Tire. And maybe cut back to 1/2 cup of the mouth wash?
Just make sure you wait two to three weeks before feeding them anything!

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