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How do I get a medical marijuana growing license in rhode island?


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So basically, I want to grow medical marijuana and I know you need a license, but I don't know how to apply. Can anyone tell me how to get one?


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W33masters, :welcome: to 420 you should :surf: the grow journals to see some great people helping each other learn the best methods of growing the plant that I need daily. If there is anything we can assist with please just ask.
As for the grow in RI and getting a license you will need a patient to assign that resonsibility to you. Remember the patient is ill and needs this plant you so lovingly cared for and grew.

W33masters do you have any growing marijuana experience?

Do you use soil or Hydro?


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wingman, thanks for that info. yes, i have growing expierence, and i use soil. i have grown some bubble gum before, and used mids seeds and turned them into dank bud with advanced nutrients. any other tips i could use that could help?:thanks:


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you can become a patient,

call 11th state consultations and make an appointment and get signed up for your patient card and have two caregiver cards assigned to you as well

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