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How do i know that my weed is good?


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OK well i got this bud, and it smells like mexican brick weed, but it's not. It's some hydro, i can tell its like the other dro i used to get, but the difference is this is a little more drier. So why is this same kind of bud darker in color and the smell isn't as good? was it just not grown right? When i take hits it like clogs up my throat. Theres no seeds in this, a few stems but thats it. I don't see how they don't grow the bud the right way everytime b/c i've got this bud a bunch of times and i'm not sure whats with it. So how do you know if your buds good or not? How do you know if your buds sprayed? Why would the good seedless weed, such as hydro, smell like mexican dirt weed? Anyone? Thanks!!
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It's all in the smell! If it smells good, you're off to a good start. Then, like Ralph says, if it gets you high, it's all good!


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Well you are both right partly. Smell is a great indicator of the quality of the bud most of the time, though some buds smell great and smoke like crap because they are too dry and harsh on the throat. If this is the case I suggest placing a small piece of lettuce in your bag or jar to re-hydrate it. Bud could also smell great and smoke like crap if it was flushed improperly or not at all, again harsh but very chemical tasting as well. The smell you described could be because of improper curing. If it is darker in color I doubt it is the same kind of bud, simply because color is mostly genetic, unless it is another pheno of the same strain but a different pheno has different characteristics than the plant you smoked before. Are you getting your bud close to the grower or from some guy? If you were getting it through a dealer, unless they are a credible source, I would just assume it is different bud all together where it is a different grower, different strain, and probably a completely different environment for the plant to grow in. When you are looking at the quality of the strain here are some general tips.

1. How does it look. Though not always true but a simple place to start
Is the bud compressed?
Are there a lot of hairs? A lot of hairs means a lot of calyxes(the glands that produce resin that turns into crystals)
How is the color? Is it healthy looking?

2. How does it smell? A smell is a fairly good indicator of how well the bud is going to smoke. Try giving a bud a gentle squeeze to release more of the buds aroma.

3. Is it cured properly? If your bud crumbles when you squeeze it then your bud was improperly cured and is dried out. If it is damp and does not break down easily then I suggest putting it in a jar and letting it dry out a bit more before smoking.

4. And finally how does it smoke? If the smoke tastes good and gives you a good clean high then you have some good bud.

Did I miss anything?


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i think in the long term you should gauge each batch of weed you buy.

like make a habit of smoking a gram straight of the new weed and try and remember how that high was. and next time u get a different batch, compare it ie. smoke a gram of it and see.

i gess you could write it down as well. but generally this is what i do.

but imo the best way is to find a dealer who sells only cannabis. i find that they are the pickiest on the quality of what they sell. other dealers who sell other substances (which i'm not allowed to discuss) dont usually care that much...
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