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How do I maximize my 15 plant med grow


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My question is if my limitation is number of plants and not space or lighting then how much light and what growing method will maximizes my yield?

I am doing med grow 15 plants so I want to get the most out of them.

I am looking to grow in a tent that can be up to 90 inches high, the length and width I plan on using was 4' x 8' but like I said I want to maximize yield so if i need more thats fine.

I plan on using some form of hydro or areo not sure which yet. I Like the net pots in totes with own pump and airstone but seems checking each tote for ph, nutes, etc would be a pain in the ass.

so what lights and how many?

what amount of space do i need?

My budget is a few thousand. However, when I say maximize I want to point out that if spending 3 times as much gets me 2% more then thats crazy.

Phoenix Sun

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I would recommend sticking with the 4x8 grow room/tent/closet. Use 2 1000 watt HID lights. Metal Halide bulbs for vegging(18hrs light/6hrs dark), and HPS bulbs for Flowering(12hrs light /12hrs dark). Space your plants equally within the entire 4x8 space. Vegg for at least 3weeks. Make sure your lights are kept 18-24" above plant tops. Raise the lights as your plants mature. Choose a complete nutrient system. Recommended additives to your basic nutrient system-rooting enhancer(early vegg), fulvic acid(vegg), humic acid(flower), benificial fungi/bacteria(throughout), Potassium+phospherous bloom boos(one week, three weeks before harvest). I usually do 16-25 plants/1000watt light in a 16-25 square foot space, and vegg for 2wks max. This usually yields 1-2lbs/light(depending on the strain). However, I know a friend who produced 1lb/light using the method I have recommended for you. Happy growing, and best of luck.


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thanks for the quick reply.

If you had 2000 grand to get the job done what would you buy? other then the lights and nutes you listed already?

Phoenix Sun

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$2000? Ok, 2 good 1000 watt lighting systems will run about $8-900. The nutrients will run about $1-150(if you get the good root enhancer, and fungal, and bacterial benificials). A hydroponics system such as the Ebb, an Grow will run about $500. If you dont mind hand watering than would not need a hydro system, only pots. I recommend 3gal smart pots x15=$75. Smart pots are much better than plastic because they do not allow the roots to get bound, and they provide great aeration(worth the extra cost). If you go with hand watering than I, also, recommend a tray stand(about $150). This will allow you to flush and drain your plants properly. Hydro, or hand water you will need medium(about $100). Also, you might want a carbon filter(to eliminate oder). A filter for your size is about $150. You will need an inline exhaust fan(about $200). Two room fans will be about $30(if you do not order them from a hydroponics store). Finally, you might need an airconditioner($100), and a dehumidifier($100). Also, maybe a roll of reflective plastic($100). And that is about it. So to recap.
-Lighting $900
-Ebb, and Grow, or Smart Pots, and Tray Stand $250-$500
-Exhaust Fan $200
-Carbon Filter $150
-Airconditioner $100
-Dehumidifier $100
-Room Fans $50
-Nutrients $150
-Medium $100
-Reflective Plastic $100



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