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How Do I Quick-Dry My Buds?


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if you reallly need a bud, cut up into decent size nug, put on a coffee filter, then put that into a peice of aluminum foil, like a tent. Put on bread toaster for 15 seconds, turn off toaster, let the foil sit there for 30mins, DO the process again, and again, usually 5 to six rounds, you will have a pretty decent dryed bud to smoke. dont forget you pressed the toaster down and walk away,lol. Just 15 seconds to heat it up is all that is needed.

let me add, the fiol should be about 10inch by10 inch, fold like a boat, or tray, then put filter in it, then bud, then filter over the bud, then fold the foil up and crimp on top, enclosed, but not sealed, letting a vent is good.
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