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How do I turn dry ice hash powder into goo!


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Or at least make it freaking pliable rather than semi hard pressed and yet crumbly still.

I need to get 11g of dry ice hash into reasonably pliable balls.

Methods I've tried:

1. Hot butter knife on baggie -plastic wrapped method.
2. Hot iron (low setting) on wax paper pouched, wrapped in wet newspaper method.
3. Multiple "warming by fire" (lighter) finger pressing on table method.

It turns into a semi hard brick that still crumbles and is not able to be shaped or formed.


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Bummer you never got a reply... but you can try a couple things- adding heat, adding solvent (anything from butter to alcohol to glycerine- something you don't mind consuming!!), or further purification (add a more volatile solvent like acetone, alcohol, butane, etc. and then filter to remove extra non-soluble stuff, and allow the solvent to evaporate). Further cleanup is the most likely to be really helpful but is the most work.




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Everything I'm finding online is saying apply a little heat...do you have a press? Try pressing and heating at the same time...just make sure it doesn't get too hot


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Add unpressed kief Into a mason jar, put a pot of water on the stove and stick the mason jar with kief into the pot. Let it warm up for a little bit, then use something to press it down into the mason jar. Next put in freezer to cool. Like 5 mins should be good. Then take a flexible knife and run it around the edges. Smack the bottom of the jar until the presse hash starts to break off the bottom of the jar. Dump onto a piece of wax paper and just roll it into a ball. It should be quite pliable one you heat it and press it. Just did this last night with 5.5 oz's of keif and it worked great
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