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How Do I use Oxy-Plus for Seed Germination?


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Oxy-Plus contains 17.5% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).

Seed Germination:
To a Litre of lukewarm water add:
20 drops Oxy-Plus
Stir thoroughly. Soak seeds in this solution for 24 hrs. before germinating in the usual way.

Author: Pilgrim


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Where can I buy this product? And how much is it?
oxyplus used to be 33% pure peroxide and they stopped selling it due to too many growers damaging themselves and starting fires with it. Regular 3% peroxide can be gotten at any drug/grocery store.
By the way..peroxide reacts to certain metals in a explosive fashion. Matter of fact a russian sub once blew up under water due to peroxide being used as a primer in their torpedos. they got a leak and it cooked off. this was way back though.lol


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Any idea what the optimal amount of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (regular OTC drug store strength) would be? I notice some growers recommend soaking seeds in a bleach solution to kill any fungus spores on the seeds prior to germinating. Would the strength of H2O2 you recommend be sufficient to kill fungus spores? Thanks! :)
You only use a few drops per liter for fungus spores during germination. Too much will eat the shell and destroy the seed.


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Yeah uhhhhh I have always used straight H20 never had any problems. I WOULD NEVER ADD ANYTHING TO MY SEED WATER! I might boil the water at the very most. If they are good seeds they will do what they do with straight good water.

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