How do YOU classify categories of weed?


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I've heard so many different terms on here for different levels of bud... just how do YOU break it down? I'm interested if what you call it is a regional thing, or just depends on who you hang out with.

For me:

Tier 1 = Nugs
A.k.a. chronic, dank, KB
- Within this category are three sublevels: Beasters (low end), Nugs(average), and Chronic/Fire/Superweed/Some Bomb-ass Shit (high end). What they all have in common is they're all sticky, smell strongly and have no seeds.
-Price range: $40-$60 an eighth

Tier 2 = Mids
- Mids can be good, average, decent or bad. They usually, but not always, have some seeds. They should still be green and easy to break apart, but with a major dropoff in smell, taste and potency. Some people use the term "Regs", and when I hear that I think the same thing as "Mids".
-Price range: $20-$35 an eighth
*If anyone asks you to pay an amount between $35 and $40 for a sack then that's just very strange

Tier 3 = Schwag
A.k.a. poop, brick weed, boot mids
- I try to never intentionally smoke this shit. It is typically brownish-green, full of seeds, and pressed so flat it's next to impossible to break up.
Price range: $20 or less an eighth


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u pretty much got it down, verydetailed to.

for me...





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I have my own classification system. Good weed and shit you smoke when you don't have good weed.


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^^^ I like tommysmoke's system, Im the same way...

...although I might jump into the hood and cop a dime for a blunt today ;-) is a blunt day.

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You can say it any way you want" but to me there is 2 type of Cannabis and then you have weeds that grow in your yard...!
You can smoke all 3 types if YOU like, but I only smoke Cannabis...
There is 2 types of Cannabis Indica/Sativa both are good...


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Dirty dirt

I actually smoked some dirt the other day after smoking nothing but dank for 3 months, it was nasty. The smoke was bitter and hurt my throat and i didn't even get high. I have a good thing going right now. I just found out that the guy who sells me the good stuff, grew it from a strain of northern lights.


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Indiegenerate said:
50s (Kind bud, chronic, and dank are used interchangeably for 50s and high-grade mids)

High-grade Mids



exactly... when I say "50s" alot of people are like wtf is that.. It's good to know I'm not the only one!



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The good ; the bad; and the ugly.


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Headies (dank)- The good stuff...Romulan, Haze, and every other super-sour-kali-mist-ikexpialadocious strain you can think up grown, flushed and cured properly pretty much exclusively indoor...oz's for $350-$500 (or more)

Outdoor- Outdoor sensi, green, leafy, no seeds, soemtimes refered too around me as "outdoor bud" or "outdoor headies", though I like to reserve the headies nominer for the best stuff. $200-$300 an oz

That's what I will smoke the rest I put in two categories:

Beasters (kb, kindbud, kine, nugget)- Orange hairy mass produced buds of varying quality based on degree of compression, whether the bud has been stripped of keif or not, length of flushing period, and the degree to which the bud smells like poo-poo which in my opinion all beasters do to a varying degree...the best of this grouping is the "sexy beasters" or "supreme kb" which is just better grown commercial stuff like M-39. $220-$300

Dirt (Mids, regs, shwag, "high mids", "fire mids")- Pot with seeds, I really can't tell the difference between anything in this category but I will point out that pretty much everyone who smokes mids will mention that they are "high mids" Honestly I don't know what they cost I guess $150 and under...


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Home Grown
"Chronic" basically sinsemillia


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headies ($20 per gram, $50-60 for an eighth)
beasters ($10-15 per gram, $30-40 for an eighth)
schwag (no more than $10 for a gram, no more than $30 for an eighth)


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lol some of you guys have funny names for it..

"chronic" or "some bomb"
"pretendo" or "red bud"
"stress" or "dirt" or "boo boo"
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