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How do you deal with males in regular seed strains?


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I am looking at some varieties that are only produced as 'regular' seeds. This means that there is a 50 / 50 chance that a seed could be a male correct? I am interested in growing from seed, rather than clones my next grow. How do I deal with potential male seeds? Is the only option to grow them out and then cull them once they show sex when flipped? The reason I am asking is because I am going to be limited in space, and I only want to grow one or two plants. I guess my question is how do you deal with them, and once you find a nice female, do you clone as soon as it shows sex? Thanks....

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Wait a little longer when you first top the plants. Raise the tops as clones, carefully marking the mother and clone. Give the clones about a week in veg, then flip them to flower. You should see the pre-flowers in two to three weeks, and can then decide on what to do with the males.

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Where i am from regular seeds are usually less expensive than feminized.
When selecting a strain - if it is regular i usually order double the seeds i usually would. I generally have good luck with regular seeds & females, but i do have a mate who did a run of 4 regulars and all were male :lot-o-toke:


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I don't have the plant limits you are dealing with. When I do with regular seeds I fill my space with plants while in veg. When you switch to flower and have to remove the males it gives the females plenty of growing room to flower filling the space again. Yes the Average is usually 50 to 60%. It can be anything though. I just had a run of regulars that where they all were female. It almost put me in a bind LOL.

It is hard to do with the plant count you have but doable.

Plants can hermie naturally so in a way feminized seeds are natural LMAO. I wouldn't worry about the natural part. They make feminized genetics just for situations like yours.
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