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How do you grow very small plant that will flower.


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1st time grower. I dont want some crazy big plant. Just a small one that will harvest 4g or so.
I saw a thing online about keeping your plant in a solo cup the intire time but I could not find a "How To" step for step.
Has anyone done this before? Can you give me a link or comment a step by step?
I will be starting out with some seeds. (should I test the seeds first to see if they sprout by putting them in a baggy and wet paper towl?)


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Hey jelly,

You can find multiple threads answering all the questions you have by just searching these forums. I recommend you search how to germinate seeds. Paper towel method has worked the best for me. Heres the link to everthing you need to know to get started420 Magazine ®

If you want a very small plant as described, Start your seedling under 12/12 the entire time!!Good Luck and make sure you start a journal!!

yooper rex

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IMO veg your plant for a little while. I think it will be stronger that way. Grow it to 1/2-2/3 the total height you want it, then go 12/12. I`m no expert but I think this is right.

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Im doing it. Just for giggles I took 5 clones (after they rooted) and put them in pots and went streight to 12/12. This is what they look like at three weeks. think ill get over oz on each one. went right into fox farm nutes for bloom.


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Vege til the plant is a foot tall and then go 12/12. You will get a 2' tall ( or so ) plant. Mine have always about doubled in size when flowering. You want to make sure you have a stout trunk to hold the colas so you will need to run a small fan on the plant every day for a couple hours to make it grow strong. It wont take a lot of wind to give it some strength I learned the hard way. I had to string my 1st plant up like a puppet to keep it from breaking in half from the bud weight.


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Thanks everyone! Once I get the seeds I will take pics and post my progress. I cant wait to try it out. It will be like a fun science experiement lol.
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