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How do you like my girls?

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Re: How do you like my girls...?

I run a completely 100% Organic Soil-Based system with a home-brewed Tea every 7-10days along with my "Random-Top-Dress" late in flower. Other then that, I run them under a 400watt HPS and a 250watt MH with regular PH's water. (I use a molasses foliar spray every couple days but stop around week 4 or 5 of flowering.)

Hope you guys like! Lemme know what you think!!!!
Re: How do you like my girls...?

I think its grannies home brew recipe that got them jumpin too. this is before and 2 days later look at the top on this blue widow


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Re: How do you like my girls...?

so is the size of the plant you end up with realated to the potter size?:) pics are great by the way!