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How do you think my plant is doing?


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This is my 2 1/2 month old plant, it was stunted in the beginning cause the only light I had was a window sill. I would like to know how you guys think its doing? I feel it looks pretty good, ive been topping it every once in a while but have stopped now and now use LST to keep it nice and squat cause all I have are cfls now. The stem is really nice and thick and I see new growth every time I look. Theres a few leaves that have some damage but I had spider mites on a smaller plant I was able to save by spraying with alcohol and cutting the damage off but I sprayed everything down with alcohol to be safe and it does a little damage so idk. Its been two weeks and no sign of any more mites. But any way I use Alaska fish fertilizer and a little dyna grow and I have 260 watts between all my lights. Its not the best but I feel its working pretty good. What do you guys think?




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Ah first grow is always touch 'n' go for the best off us :thumb:

Nice to see some improvements made those should help out in the long run but more home work is required !

Plant wise, well she is healthy & got good colour with a nice touch of training but on a critical note for age of veg well stunted.

May need another month of veg tho before flipping to flowering on 12/12.

But may need to up grade lighting at some point !


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Hey Coda and welcome to 420 Magazine!

I can see what you mean by its growth being slowed there at the beginning. It could be bigger for it's age but everything is a learning curve right :) Now that you got it under some decent light you shouldn't have any issues, it's good that you keep seeing new growth. How big do you plan on letting this plant get? A good thing to think about is that once you switch it to flowering it could very well double in size during the flower stretch phase, so make sure you have enough room for it to grow. The other thing that you should keep in mind is that if you get it to big you may end up needing more light, so be prepared for that if you haven't been thinking about it..

All-in-all your plant looks fine though. I am surprised it survived being sprayed with alcohol even if it was diluted.. Normally something used for mites would be neem oil or another organic and safe pesticide. But your plant still seems to be doing fine. Good work on the training and topping to btw.


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I have some experience with early stunted plants. I have one over 100 days that isn't much bigger than yours now. At 60 days it was barely more than a seedling. But since then it's grown as if nothing was ever wrong, much like you describe yours.

You've done a great job training her low and dense. Look forward to seeing how you continue developing her.

Check out the link in dick23rk's signature above for Snid's tutorial on "Low Stress Training". Then check out Snid's current grow journal (links will be in signature area of his posts). Lot's of great advice on LST.
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