How do you think my plants look?


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Hey everyone, this is my first grow and I am now on week five. I just switched to 12/12 yesterday and I can't wait until they start to grow some beautiful buds. How long until I should be able to tell the sex, and do you think they look a little droopy to you?? Thanks for all the help :allgood:





Re: How do you think my plants look??

They look nice and bushy. Good job, they dont appear stretched at all.
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All of them are seeds...they are supposed to be feminized seeds from They are white widow, and northern lights... I'm not exactly sure what they would look like when they are sexually mature so I don’t really know.... Thanks for all the replies everyone, all your feedback is much appreciated.
Re: How do you think my plants look??

basically it means that the internodes start to stagger instead of being straight across from each other. Not a huge deal if you didn't wait, it just takes longer to sex them. that's all.

They look great! Keep after it!
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