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How does smoking marijuana cure cancer?


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i had seen this in so many places recently. before people said that smoking anything can cause cancer but now the new theory is that smoking causes cancer not if it is marijuana that is smoked. apparently according to some researchers smoking weed actually had seemed to reduce cancer. how is this possible? and so if it does cure cancer why dpnt they make it legal all over the world? why are the governments so stupid , why do they want to kill people by letting them smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol? why dont they want us to be happy?


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Boy - a complicated question.

Smoking cannabis isn't going to cure cancer. There is some evidence that taking concentrated thc and cbd can treat both cancer symptoms and the cancer itself. Google 'Rick Simpson Oil' for more information.

There is also some evidence that eating raw cannabis or juicing it (consuming THC acid directly) has an effect on cancer growth.

Smoking cannabis will help with symptom relief including pain and nausea relief and appetite stimulation.

The reasons for cannabis being illegal in many places have little to do with the plant (or it's effects) itself and lot's to do with money.


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i am feeling glad from your this good answer but i also have a question if doctors says it is harmful for our body so why this cannabis sales out in markets for money only ??????


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Cannabis oil works far better than smoking to cure cancer:

In the United States, many statements about Cannabis were false, and people were lied to to in order to gain support for making it illegal. Many of those statements were racist in nature.

The government collects taxes on Alcohol and Tobacco, so this tells you how much the government doesn't care about people right there. They are proven to kill people, especially Tobacco, but they still allow those industries to exist.

There have been many ATTEMPTED studies by the government to prove Cannabis causes negative effects. Often their studies would be inconclusive, or would yield results that show the complete opposite, that Cannabis can be medicinally beneficial. When the results showed the opposite of what they wanted to find, instead of looking into the benefits, the studies were cancelled, and the results were never made public.
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