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How early can you preflower?


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At what height could i preflower at the earliest? I know the yeild would be reduced but at what height could i switch to 12/12 and still get some bud?

Jim Finnel

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/\ at that point how would you know if your clone is a female? unless your sure you have female seeds, or you used a mother to begin with. i'm just assuming that we're starting with a seed.


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here are the latest pics.....by your estimates how longer should i veg them for?

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/\ at that point how would you know if your clone is a female? unless your sure you have female seeds, or you used a mother to begin with. i'm just assuming that we're starting with a seed.

yeapper, seedlings
Sometimes but not all,
anything that looks male goes straight to flower once mature
and doesn't get topped.
I also made some hermiFemed seed I'm checking for f/m/h ratios.
I'm in a bit of a commercial cycle, not breeding right now and sortin' through what I got.
May collect some pollen for use later.

That would also depend on strain, I would think.

I also use the "most Fingers on a fan for females" method of sexing.
the more fingers on the fan leafs the more likely a female.

I never really top clones, unless I start gettin' backed up
(it's a perpetual thang)
and have to in order to keep from movin' lights


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to answer your original question of how long to veg, wait til 30 days of vegging and still make sure in that time you have alternating nodes. some asshole on here last year posted of a 'new system' bragging 7 weeks from seed to harvest, he said veg for 5 days, then start flowering. I actually got excited about this and tried it myself; I grew 3 females and they had pretty flowers on them, plants were nice and healthy (I'm a pretty good grower finally) only one problem---the buds had no resin whatsoever, none, and they didn't get you high at all! I've smoked leaves that blew this bud away. I did a little research and found out what more experienced growers already knew, that the plants have to reach a certain level of maturity before flowering, or the buds are just no damn good. so don't be in a hurry, I know what impatience is all about--I'm stone cold dry right now but have 10 beauties in week #4 of flowering, already swelling up and getting dusted more every day, but you gotta wait! peace.

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Earliest flowering time I know of is 23 days from germing. This info comes from Cees Hendricks of No Mercy Seeds.
And here's a added note from me. Alternating nodes is just a sign of maturity, not a sign for when to sex or a true sign of sexual maturity. A true sign of sexual maturity are the preflowers that come up after the nodes start alternating.


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Actually you can"SEX" the plant early on;to determine which it will be. For indoors this is practical because you don't want to pay PG&E for power and end up with 80% male. As to your question,the length of the branches(s) are what will fill in. I've had stuff they called pre=mie bud which wasn't as potent but for whatever reason,the grower put things on 12/12/(moving out) so it's not only qty. but the potency of a developed plant and I'd say that might depend upon the strain too.


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Premie Bud ay ...
the man is right on, the whole idea is to flower when they are mature.
Even if just for sexing.
Never did see anybody correct his terminology
"preflowers" show in veg cycle/light on some strains.
I found some bagweed from Texas
that showed preflowers in 25+ days from seed.
Damn, shame I didn't save it off but it just got thrown in the Mix.

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The Jack Herer pheno i am growing can potentially go 12/12 after 1 week - and apparently so can Grapefruit. I have not tried this as yet. I personally would always go for a months veg....as exlpained above.

However going 12/12 early is something that interests me greatly....but this..i think does depend on the strain.


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I have some female clones that were a month old when i got them,and 8 inches tall.I let them grow to 10-12",then started 12/12,theyre small with lots of flowers,buds.They seem to be taking longer,most are at 7 weeks now,and it looks like 3 more weeks...Good luck to all.
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