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How I feed my ladies


So,I've been growing for a couple years and thought it would be good to check to see if I'm doing things right...or downright wrong as far as nutes. I haven't been hugely successful, but I think I know why.

Anyways, during the vegetative stage, I use Silica and fox-farms nutrients. Don't need opinions on Fox Farms as far as nutes...just saying that is what I'm using and once the containers have less in them, I'll be looking for something new.

When the flowering stage starts, I cut off the silica, and go just the nutes.

Wondering if I should continue with the silica longer? Anything beyond Silica and nutes that would be recommended?

Now what I think has been my issue...is my water is extremely hard. My first grow I used nothing but distilled water and things turned out pretty well for a first grow. Since then I've been using tap water and haven't had anywhere near the success of the first grow.

I switched over to using RO for my water. My question here is...that I know I'm need to now add calcium and magnesium. I gave them some CalMag week one...and then week 2...but not sure if thats right. Most posts I see they recommend putting calmag in when you change the water. Given that I pour about a half a gallon of Reverse Osmosis water into each bucket every day...I don't really change the water out since its being rotated regularly.

Should I be adding calmag every week? if so how much? I think the bottle states 3-5mg/gallon...is that good?

Thanks in advance guys!

Old Salt

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DWC? Soil? Soilless?

If DWC, Change the water and give them fresh nutrients every seven to ten days. The water ramaining at that time contains everything the plants DIDN'T want.

I run coco/perlite in a drain to waste system, and give them cal/mag with every watering until the flush. I use 0.9ml/US gal General Hydroponics' CALiMAGic throughout, although I should increase this during flowering. Your calmag may have a different formulation, so that is something to check.


Sorry, soil-less. I'm already feeding every 7 days, but you're stating just empty the buckets at that time, and refill with fresh water?
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