How I got rid of Spider Mites


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Hello all,

I thought I would share how I got rid of spider mites that were destroying my Hawaiian snow moms. I had a closet corner packed with 6 mother plants all at least 4.5 feet tall and under a 250MH. These plants were starting to get out of control and dieing from the bottom up due to lack of light. So I already had clones on the other side of the closet under a 250MH to replace the moms and for my next flowering round.

I noticed a glisening web at the top of one of my HS mom plants then I saw something small climb across the web. I flipped a leaf and OMG spider mites. Never seen these before. So I bought a pyrethrin spray from the nursery and hosed down the plants. Once I knew the signs I found them on my clones too. So I sprayed those down too. Then the next day I destroyed all my mom plants and cleaned the closet out with bleach water. I then hung up a Hot Shot No Pest Strip. A few days later I set off a pyrethrin bug bomb in the closet and I have seen no signs of the little bastards yet. Its been a couple of weeks. I think the No Pest Strip is the key. I only did the last bomb for good measure I don't think I really needed it. The No Pest Strip seemed to do the trick. If you have mites you might want to look into one of these. $5 at Lowes and all you do is hang it up.

Just to let you know all Hawaiian Snow in that closet had mites. So they aren't very mite resistant. The Sage is fairly mite resitant and the Great White Shark wasn't touched.



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My friend, a great grower shared this secret with me,
He used a Champion Juicer & Juiced Fresh Garlic,Jalapino Peppers,
and Onion, a then using a mask, Sprayed his Pre-Flowering Plants,
and not only did the Mites dissapeared, but the Nutrients & Vitamins,
found in these fresh Ingredients, also contributed to there heath.
When ready to flower, He would spray with water to get off this powerful
mixture. The flowers from these Plants were really Organic Tasting.
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