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How is the attitude towards legalization now in Colorado?

David Bowman

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After the initial surge of attention and interest right after January 1st, there really hasn't been that much of a difference in the day-to-day goings on around here, although there is at least one article regarding cannabis every day in The Denver Post, but that's been going on for quite sometime now. I've yet to visit a recreational cannabis store, no need to yet plus I'm waiting for the supply to meet demand so that prices lower a bit. I think that Colorado has done an excellent job in legislating and commercializing this new market and the very fact that it went off without a hitch proves that it can be done in a rational and reasonable manner. A big issue in Denver late last year was the debate about whether a neighbor's right to not see or smell cannabis being consumed was greater than the person's right to consume it on their own private property in full view of the public. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and the individual's rights to do as they please on their private property were upheld. It would have been a significant drain on police resources and they had already come out and said that it would not have been a high priority for law enforcement. The ACLU was also eagerly anticipating bringing this matter to court should it have passed into law.

I really think that the tide has turned on this pointless war againt cannabis/hemp and while we are the first place in the world to fully legalize, legislate, commercialize and integrate it into our society, we certainly won't be the last. It is only a matter of time before it is legalized throughout the United States on a federal level.

CO Finest

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The DOC are getting pissed cuz they don't get there kick back $ on give pills to people that dont work. other then that its great. No drama here in our state other then that. Im sure the electric company's are getting raises lol they are getting 600 a month from me :bravo:


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Hey ColoradoHigh thanks for answering my question :bravo:

Its good to hear that the majority of the people in Colorado is in peace with Hemp and cannabis use.
I hope this leads to more and more research on this plant and its abbilities to cure certain serious deseases.
Can you legally start a bussiness with hemp and produce certain products or perhaps try new possibilities with the plant in your state? im thinking of oils, fuel, paper..etc and what can you do in terms of growing yourself, How much are you allowed to grow?

I really think that the tide has turned on this pointless war againt cannabis/hemp and while we are the first place in the world to fully legalize, legislate, commercialize and integrate it into our society, we certainly won't be the last. It is only a matter of time before it is legalized throughout the United States on a federal level.
Here in Holland we were long time famous for our cannabis, but we only have coffeeshops legal and growing itself is illegal, bringing it to the coffeeshop is illegal.., we stayed with this stupid law until today and now we havent made real progress like cali and colorado etc has in the past decade and half orso.. its time for us to fully legalize, legislate, commercialize too, its already integrated into our society we only need the high hats to make this plant legal not only US and holland alone but the whole wide f**king world. :37:

Chease :peace:

David Bowman

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A residence can have up to 6 vegetating plants per adult resident, adult being defined as age 21 or up, for personal use only. A residence is allowed to have no more than 3 flowering plants per adult resident in the household at any time. Anything above that needs to be licensed and produced solely for legal sale within Colorado at a licensed medical/recreational cannabis store. You can purchase and possess up to one ounce of cannabis, however there is no limit to the amount you may possess if it is from your personal grow. You may gift cannabis to any legal adult within the state of Colorado, however it is illegal to sell, trade or barter cannabis. You cannot transport it across state lines as all cannabis must stay within Colorado's borders. Hemp products have been around for quite sometime as it is not illegal to possess, use, distribute, or sell hemp, it is currently only illegal to grow hemp in the US. Once the federal government gets behind what we are doing in Colorado, then the real benefits of medical research can take off since it is quite difficult to conduct research on a schedule 1 narcotic, which cannabis is considered, without extensive government approval which of course rarely occurs. I have visited Amsterdam and enjoyed its relatively lax environment with regard to cannabis. However, Colorado now has a significantly different environment where the fear of arrest and punishment is greatly reduced for people like myself who simply want to enjoy consuming cannabis in a responsible manner.

David Bowman

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Yesterday during a day-trip up to Leadville, Colorado, the highest incorporated city in the US at 10,152 feet above sea level, I decided to visit Nature's Spirit which is literally the highest cannabis dispensary in the nation if not the world!! This was not the reason for the trip as we go there several times a year to enjoy the beautiful scenery, local fish hatchery, shopping and especially Quincy's which IMHO is a great restaurant that basically serves only two items, Filet Mignon from Sunday through Thursday and Prime Rib on Friday and Saturday.

Nature's Spirit is housed in a tiny victorian style home tucked away on a side street a few feet off of the main drag. For those of you who are familiar with Leadville, it is across the street from the Delaware Hotel. I was greeted immediately upon arrival and was escorted back into their secure display/dispensary room. They are an organic soil-less operation that use RO, CO2 and a minimum 7-day flush as part of their grow process. I asked if they washed their harvest and as expected they did not, but with it being totally organic, it is of less concern to me that it isn't washed. Their prices were as follows, $15 for a rolled joint, $15/gram, $42/eighth, $75/quarter, $140/half and $250/ounce. You can mix-n-match strains with the minimum being an eighth per strain. I decided to try a strain that was new to me and had a little more Sativa than my current Easy Rider strain. I purchased a eighth of Blue Lotus, which is a 50/50 hybrid, and intend to consume it on days when I start earlier than my normal starting time of around 4:00-6:00 PM. I have only one rule for vaping and that is I will not vape and drive, so I wait until I'm done driving for the day before I begin my cannabis consumption. On those rare days when I can start in the early afternoon or earlier, this should be a better strain for that Sativa-like high. I plan to work my way up to more Sativa dominant strains on future visits.

Colorado law requires an exit bag for all cannabis related purchases. This is a 12"x9" childproof foil-lined vinyl bag that must be used for transport of cannabis upon exiting any dispensary. An exit bag costs $3, is reusable and is shown below -

Here is two close-ups of the exit bag showing it in the locked position -

and the unlocked position -

Inside of the exit bag are the eighth of Blue Lotus and the purchase receipt detailing the transaction including the sales and excise taxes on the purchase -

This is a close-up shot of the eighth of Blue Lotus -

The buds appeared to be properly dried/cured with the right feel when squeezed. I haven't yet had the opportunity to sample this purchase but I'm looking forward to doing so soon. While it is located far up in the mountains, I did like what I saw at Nature's Spirit. It seems like they have a good attitude and process for growing cannabis and it looks like it will be yet another reason to visit this beautiful part of Colorado.

Flower Child

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Great post on your store visit. Have you smoked any yet- just wondering how it was?
Haven't visited any stores yet myself, but it sure is a wonderful feeling to be able to grow your own supply legally without any worries.


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I've been using a Rx bottle, left over from a 3-month supply of medication, to transport my MJ.

It's a fairly good sized bottle, holds 1/8 oz very easily, and has a childproof top. I keep an empty bottle in my car.

I've used it in three different places now without any problem, and it saves me the charge, from $3 to $6, for a sealed bag.


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Cannabis has been quasi legal here for a long time, so like COHigh said, after the first month or so it is basically business as usual. There was a little stink a while ago about some kids bringing some pot to school, but overall pot incidents involving minors are actually down. We get little blurbs on the news here and there, but those are mostly about other states and countries considering doing the same.

David Bowman

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can tourists buy?
Yes, anyone 21 years or older may purchase cannabis within Colorado. While residents are limited to purchasing up to one ounce at a time, non-residents can only purchase up to one quarter ounce at a time. However, as I said earlier, it must be consumed prior to leaving Colorado.

David Bowman

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Down here in Pueblo county they are pretty pleased with the taxes earned from recreational.

It seems like every week the Pueblo West View has an article praising the fresh revenue to the county businesses. When Tommy Chong was at Marisol the food vendors in the area were overwhelmed.

As always, I'm sure some are displeased, however for the majority legalizing recreational in Colorado is a big success.

Flower Child

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Shopping is super simple- no different than going to the store for some beer.

We bought sour diesel, black star, black Russian, and some hash. It was very nice but not as good as homegrown.

but it is a bit on the expensive side especially with over $50 of tax

Can't wait till everyone can shop the way we do here in Colorado.
So much great information i didnt even have to ask a question.um moving out to Colorado next
year with my wife and son as the current state that I
Live in doesn't share my family's views on this wonderful plant.we just wanna be where we're not
Look upon as criminals for enjoying our beloved mary,being able to grow my own and enjoy
what ive worked hard for is part of the american dream........well mine anyways:blunt:

420 Motoco

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Great informative post CoHi! I feel like going to 'leadville' brother! I love a great steak:). Seriously good info about your state MJ laws. Yea, I don't get out of my cage much, nice read CoHigh! Thanks


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out of state residents pay an extra tax on top. I think I paid just under 500 for an ounce. couple different flavors. But kind of found it disappointing that there were quite a few seeds in my buds. But hey I can find a home for those LOL. Gotta say you guys have a good thing going on can't wait till it catches on everywhere else.
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