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How is this for my first setup?


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Hey guys, thanks for checking out my post. I have some pictures of my setup. This is my first time and I just want to know what you guys think about it. Any questions, comments, and concerns are greatly appreciated. Thank you.


This is my tent. The top section is for sprouting the seed and the bottom section will be for flowering.


An up close view if my top section.


An up close view of my carbon filter, my 6" exhaust fan, and the ducting that is going to my 600 HPS light


An up close view of my ducting going to my 4" intake fan which is pointed at my Power Grower Eco Complete. I also have my timer, PH indicator, and my thermometer to check temperature and humidity on the ground to the right.


This is my final up close view I have. It is of the ducting going out of my 600 HPS light and going out of the tent.

So what do you guys think for my first try?


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That looks pretty nice for a first grow setup. I too have a tent which is two by four and six tall...I use it primarily for flowering tho, I definitely would LOVE to have another tent just for clones, seedlings and vegging. Lil broke right now so im stuck with my fairly small 1.5ft by 2ft clone box. Id be pretty happy to be in your position.

Forgot to metion..My tent has a 400 and that already is pushing temps to the lower end of the 80s, id definitley hate to see what that 600 gets up to in a tent smaller then what I have.


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Nice set-up.Are you venting the air out of the room;unless its a huge room it will get hot in there quick.I had a 400hps in a 39''x39'' tent,it heated up the room quick.Goog Luck & Stay Safe!!


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Looks awesome;I just noticed the top part of your tent,that is so awesome.Who makes this tent?I really like that top part for cloning/starting seeds.How many plants do you plan on doing in the PowerGrower?Do you have a ppm or tds meter?I believe with hydro you shoud have one,not sure Ive never done hydro;Yet.Im always worried about losing power,plus i want to do it right with Good meters & a good system maybee ebb & flow.Good Luck!!!Lets see some green!!
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