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How long can damage to pistils delay budding cycle?


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Hi guys,

Just a quick question, a week or so into flowering of my 1 girl, i sprayed her with a light foliar solution (RESKUE)
and i burnt the pistils a little bit. Just wondering because it was only a light solution will it not affect the yield/flower production? if so how long will it increase the time of flowering?

I am asking this because i notice that the flowers aren't developing as quick as the leaves?
Below are 3 photos roughly 4-8 days apart to shower flower/leaf development of the main cola

Thank you for any help/advice that is given :D

indica vet

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cant really see any damage mate ,but generally when i have rubbed my arm across the tip of a bud by accident and killed the pistils it takes about aweek or so to recover and start producing new calyx's and pistils where i damaged them.
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