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How long can they sit around before you dump em?

Gummy Bear

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If you mix nutes and still have some left over in the watering can, how long can you keep it until you have to toss it?

I made up the water mix with the nutes in it and had way too much left over. That stuff is expensive (advanced nutrients Big bud). I would hate to just dump it cuz of the waste, but not sure if it will still be any good when I need to water next.

How long will it last already mixed?


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Thats a good question. Anyone know the answer to this? I try and mix only what I'll use for feeding, but I think that you can't save it too long because maybe the chemicals will start to degrade and form new compounds.

Gummy Bear

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I would have to agree with the 24-48 hour window. They start to smell after a while and can also grow a layer of some sort of film depending on how long they are left unattended.

The package did not indicate when it should be discarded.

Smokin Moose

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Chemical nutes will be just fine and dandy for months. It is only the organic ferts you need to use within 24 to 48 hours of mixing. Sea tea goes off after 24 hours.


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in hydro systems i just circulate the res. the same food stays in for five to seven days then i change it to fresh. so , i've left a batch of advanced sit for a week although it was always moving through the system. i would store it at a fairly cool temp to avoid microbial growth as advanced tends to become fairly alive if left unattended. i would also recheck ph before using it .
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