How long do they need?


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Hello there are my two little unknown sisters and my question is how long guys do you think they needs till harvest 2-3 weeks or maybe more ?
And i wanna ask im doing the force flowering and if i give her more dark like 13h of dark will this help to finish faster ? Thanks




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Yes, they'd probably finish a little sooner, and produce less.


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Hi @greentelescop Get yourself a $20 magnifier called a Jeweller's Loup. You need one that has a 60x view. Watch the trichomes for signs of amber. If they're 'clear' then it's too early. If they're all cloudy then they're getting closer. More amber usually translates to a more sedating high. Personally I like 15-20% amber, but there is some variation in this rule regarding Indica vs Sativa strains. Good luck
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