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How long does everybody there CO2

West Hippie

Grow Journal of the Month: June 2020
I use CO2 on the 2nd and 3rd weeks ,but some are running straight thru the flower stage to 1st-6 weeks. I’m using compressed CO2 off the beer truck with a rad controller set at 1475 as to not go over 1500 ppm of CO2. Running an old dehumidifier out of a electrical room have to run 24-7 when I use the CO2. Any opinion would be helpful for this next run.

West Hippie

Grow Journal of the Month: June 2020
Welcome to 420 Hippie, I've not used co2 yet but I would probably use it for the last half of flowering. Are you going to start a journal? Here's a link to help get you started:
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I’m going to read more of the journals as to get a format of what everyone has done and how they’ve put them together! I’m growing in ebb & flow and haven’t came into one yet, who knows may convert!

West Hippie

Grow Journal of the Month: June 2020
That is why I joined it doesn’t make any difference that I grown for 5 years seems like I learn something every time I sit down and read! Already going build another grow room right after the 1st of the year, you’ll see me in here after all these stories! As you’ll find out I don’t have any problem sharing and I would like to know right from wrong. Thanks for the in put !

Chris Scorpio

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I ditto PW

Med MJ started locally, got my Card, then found this site when I was thinking about growing, my 1st grow I started a journal here

20 months later, I'm a pain in many many asses here and learning every day

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