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How long for colas to fill in? - Pics


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Hey all,

I'm on week 5, plants have been thriving in sealed plastic greenhouse w/o heat, temps from 40s at night to 80s during day. Have notice a real increase in hairs and calyx development over the past week but just wondering how long til the colas fill in..is this generally a pretty quick process at this point?

Also, can anyone take a guess if sativa or indica?




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Re: How long for colas to fill in? (Pics)

they got a way to go yet,the big swell doesn't happen until the last 2-3 weeks

hard to tell what they are,sativa has thin leaves,Indica has fat sassy leaves,Hybrids have both

keep doing what your doing,you will be harvesting before you know it.


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Re: How long for colas to fill in? (Pics)

The leaves look too thin to be a indica so they have to be a sativa or hybred. I would guess you have a 10-12 week flowering period may take as long as 14 weeks it all depends on the plants.
I'd think about some heat for them during the night. it's been my experience sativas don't take the cold well and 40'f is pushing the limits of they can tolarate.

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I agree with oldhippie64's observations. I'd guess at least another four weeks of stacking before they start to gain girth. I'd hate to see the girl freeze before harvest. It looks like you both have done really well so far!

Bloom Baby Bloom!

/Obi Wan


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Thanks for the great feedback, this is my first grow but I've learned so much on this site. I'd love to be able to increase night temps, but a heat source is just not possible at the current location. They've dealt with and thrived in these temps for over 10 days now so I'm hoping for the best. Using FF Tiger Bloom for nutes and occasional tsp/gallon of molasses. Will stop all nutes after the end of current week.

Another question...how much light would I need to finish these two 3.5ft plants indoors if necessary?


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If you're looking for bare minimum you could grab a few CFL's for each plant. A 300W LED would work great or a smaller hps. If you're anywhere near me the 40 degree temps at night are not going to last much longer. Definitely not another 6 weeks so I would consider moving them inside.


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Mine just pushin out heaps of pistils all up cola s but barely any calyxes yet. Shes definstely female thankfully my last turned male, only 2 nd male ever over my grows.. goodluck should be good weed mate !

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I came in to ask pretty much the same question myself. My one plant is crystallizing like CRAZY already and the buds are just mostly little hair balls right now. The other is the same without the crystals yet. All conditions are on point. About 6 weeks since first pistols shown.
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