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How long is rainwater good?

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I know it might sound odd, but....if you collect some good rainwater, and it sits outside for several days, is it still good and can you use it without worry?
Anyone have any experience with this? Should you put it in containers you can close? Or, just let it sit..shake it good and use it?
Thanks to anyone with info or just ideas. Just wondering when good water goes bad.


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i wish there was a way to test nitrogen levels in rainwater after a lightning storm. that is what makes rainwater special right?


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The only time I ever suffered damping off was when I used rain water I had collected a week or two ahead of it's use. I will not use it again.
I suggest you aerate the water before use. Just sitting it will lose dissolved oxygen. Aerating it will help stop bacteria and algae growth as well.


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Amen brother racefan! Air and water do mix!

Flyfishinrock, I've found more fish in water, but I digress, speaking of fish in water......good source of nitrogen 'cause fish **** in it!>D


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Thanks to anyone with info or just ideas. Just wondering when good water goes bad.
Here on Hawaii 57% of this Islands residents are on " Catchment Water" in other words we have no zero, zip, nada, county water. This is gathered off our roof runoffs into wather catchement tanks up to 20K gallons.

This is pumped,agitated, and O2 injected as to keep it moving, some chlorine is used to keep bacteria from escalting. Most Rainwater will take on the the " Atmosphere" that is around it. This will depend on where one lives.

I have used rainwater at times that has sat over 4 months to water my Cannabis with
and no problems. Again Living in the boonies in Hawaii " WE HAVE TO" or we will succumb to drought conditions and wilt away.


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