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How long to stomata stay open when using Co2?


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Hi all,
I have a grow cabinet that has Co2 pumped in via a 20lb tank and solenoid. Because its a cabinet I have to obviously suck out the air constantly so it doesnt get hot in there. This leads to the problem of my Co2 getting sucked out with it.

What Im wondering is just how long do the stomata stay open after my co2 reaches 1500 PPM? Do I need to have constant 1500 PPM to see the advantages of CO2 or can I pump it in every 15 minutes or so?



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its needs to be constant, sealed area hold at 1500 all day,Im not being a clown,but you're wasting your time and money using c02 in anything but a sealed room,you would get more benefit from constant fresh air,it has a ppm of around 300.

I had a friend that used it in a tent,I have a air quality meter,the area outside the tent had more co2ppm than inside the tent

got a picture of the spot?maybe we could brainstorm a better idea.


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Its basically a steel cabinet. 3x4 feet. Right now I pump it in every 3-4 minutes for about 60 seconds which brings it up to 1500, it takes about 1 minute for it to get back to 400, then repeat.

I have my fan on a digital voltage controller so I can precisely turn it up or down, I have it so the upper part of the cabinet doesnt get hotter then 85. If it gets hotter the fan automatically speeds up, if its below 80 it slows down to allow more CO2 time.

A sealed room is impossible for what I have to work with. My cabinet does have 2 venting fans, 1 that directly vents the inside of the cabinet and a sealed glass tube that pulls air from the room the cabinet is in and exhausts that directly outside my house.

I spend about $80 on CO2 for a grow which is usually about a lb so it's not super expensive in the grand scheme of things, just trying to be more efficient and was hoping the stomatas stay stimulated for a while after the 1500 ppm goes away.
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