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How many lights would you use?


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If I were aiming for 4oz yield per plant with 12 plants how many 1000w HPS would you use? What size pots should be used? I have some experience with 600w's and 3 gallon pots with coco and have been averaging around 2 oz per. Really would like to get a few suggestions on some good high yielding strains and how long they take to veg to get plants big enough to get 4 oz's each.


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give the girls a good veg time. 1-2months depending on there growth speed.
make sure to veg until canopy is 3x3 under each light before flipping
3 weeks in flowering prune lower 1/3-1/2 plants to promote fuller top colas

4 plants vegged carefully per 1000 watt light.
3 lights total

took me a couple rounds to time it right.
good luck
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