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how many lumens and cfls do I need? Please Help!


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okay so I have a 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum IR with 3w diodes producing around 7200 lumens and I want to also put a couple 150watt/42 CFL's I was just wondering how many do I need for my grow room if the size is 4'-2'-5' so that's 8 square feet, what would be the best amount of lumens if im growing 5 plants?:420: this is the led grow light I have-


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Re: how many lumens and cfls do i need PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Well, the more light the better but it also contributes to heat. i have never personally grown with an led so i dont know what kind of heat if any they put off but 10-20 cfls will add a few degrees. If i were you id just get some of these

And every 6 inches or so around the perimeter of the room hang them from the ceiling to rise with your plants. Get 2700k's for Flowering, 6500K's for veg. 150 watt would be better if you can find it but 42 should still be okay. You could really add as many as you want, pack 50 in there if you want to! just make sure they dont get too close to the leafs or touch them and that you monitor your heat production/temperature and drop the # of cfls til its stable.


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To get a good yield with CFLs, you want to LST, or use a net to train the branches to grow horizontal. Use as many cfl bulbs as you can handle without getting the area too hot.

Honestly, though, if you use the same amount of watts used by the amount of CFLs used, but instead use a HPS that consumes that same amount of watts, you will get better yields.
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