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How many of you smoke pot constantly?


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There are some people who just do it on the weekends for fun, their are those who smoke everynight, say after work, to relax, and then there are those who use it as medicine who probably have to use it regularly throughout the day. But who here doesn't need it as a medicine that is high throughout the day? Is that even possible for most people?

I peronally am a night time smoker, and now that summer is here and there is no school, every once and a while I may take a day that I have off from work to have a day where I just smoke, but I'm lucky if that happens more than once a month.


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I smoke all the time, I dunno, I just love the high, if I can get high, then I usually will. Only exceptions usually are school, work, family, ect


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I wake up and smoke before school, smoke between school and work and smoke after work...does that count? I'm almost out....bring on the anxiety


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I smoke too much weed. Constantly<---dont know if that is the word I am looking for but I would agree that I consume more than my fair share of high quality mj. I believe it is time for a break from mj because I've got the chronic cough and my wallet is getting skinnier than I am comfortable with.


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i smoke mostly all day, wake up toke on a little sumthing, and then smoke something big later on in the day and prolly a little more in the evening


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I smoke and/or vape almost everyday (when i have weed, which is pretty much always), usually in the morning and after school or work. I would probably say I smoke about 2-3 times in the day and more later in the evening. Ive been dry the past 2 days which is rare for me but that will be taken care of tomorrow :allgood:


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im high all the time, havnt been dry since february 14th of 05....i remember it like it was yesterday......some days i feel like im worn out and dont feel like blazn then i dont for an hour or so longer but im smokin again.....if i dont work my day consists of wake up at 10 high by 1130....then bong tokes every hour or so depending on company and quality of weed....right now with work i wait till 12 at which point i leave smoke a bowl of hash and return for the fastest 4 hours of work then go home to chain smoke.....i definately would be a classic example of a weed abuser and i wont deny it.


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When I wake up I drink my first cup of coffee, smoke a bong or two, then roll a couple joints to last me through the afternoon. When I get home from work its an all out genocide on my weed, I leave no survivors! You could say that Im high from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. If I wasnt stoned all day Ide be in serious pain and wouldnt be able to go to sleep at night. Plus it helps me calm down when dealing with assholes.


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I can't stay high ALL day, due to work and college, but I smoke daily, usually at night. Like Dunlap, I try to sneak in an afternoon bowl, and very infrequently a morning one too.


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:60:Is it really neccesary to ask that of me?:laugh2: I'm on another med leave because of issues and although I am not in any pain at the moment.....:hmmmm:noop...no pain:33: I use my volcano from morning till night unless I have to drive around...I get things done...with the help of a list...I have short term memory lapses :smoke2:.
I have a Sativa blend in the morn to afternoon, with some strong indica blend mixed w/ kief & granulated coldwater hash at night...sometimes I brake out one of my oils.
I want 24 hr Pot Superstores where I can get Canadian prices for bud and decent edibles at good prices:headbang:


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until i got caught up i was waking up smoking a bowl leaving the house smoking a joint and that was only pre game for when i go to one of my friends house....there we smoke about 2 blunts.....then go to another friends house it was the life.

now i smoke only after my parents go to sleep...midnight...but i get super blown everynight....smoke a bowl smoke a bong.....i usually go through my pieces and pack em all!


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9) This is not a playground. There will be no talk about getting high with minors or blazing at school and other childish nonsense. This is a place for adults to gather, make friends and actually do something for the cause, not for kids at play.

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