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how many plants can I grow with this LED light?


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hello everyone,
I have a little question, I'm going to buy this LED:

Power Consumption: 240W
Power Factor >0.99
Max current at input: 2.5Amps
Luminous Output: 6400Lm
Dimensions:Length x Width x Height 400mm*212mm*67mm

which lightning area and how many plants can I grow with this light? (regular or auto's)
here are some pics






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so thats ca. 60cm x 75cm. and how many regular or auto plants can i grow ni 5 square feet? it'll be my first grow


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It really depends on how you intend to grow. If you are lolloping them all and growing them in red party cups you could probably get 50 or so in there. If you are running a long veg and a screen you may only get 1. Way too many variables and too little information to give you a solid answer on that.
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