How many plants for my room?


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I'm totally new to growing and I've started from scratch about 2 weeks ago. My room is almost 100% set up with all the best material I could afford. For now that is.

I'm wondering how many plants can I ultimately grow in my room given the material I have:

My room is 13' x 10' (x 7' height).

I have 2x 1000W Hortilux grow lights + 2x Silver Star reflectors.

I have 2x 6" stealth fans (1 for cooling lights, 1 for carbon filter outtake) + 1x 4" stealth fan for air intake.

I have 1x Can-Filter 125 carbon filter with it's own outtake.

That's basically it. The setup looks really sharp. I'm pretty confident I'll get results right off the bat.

I'm think of going with an hybrid strain, but sativa dominant, like the AK-47 or White Widow. I'm also thinking of going with feminized seeds to try to minimize the risk of getting male plants in my first harvest.

So, what do you guys think? I was hoping I could get a good 45-50 plants to grow well in that space. Do you think it's realistic?



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Hi Franky

That's a tough question to answer. There are just so many variables.

Your room is plenty big enough for the plants. How many plants has more to do with how big you grow them and the lighting.

With 2 1000W lights, you won't be able to cover that much space without a light mover. You can probably get away with up to a 5'x5' coverage depending on the reflector. I'm not familiar with the one you have, but you can just turn it on and then look at where the light is falling.

If you do a sog style grow and don't veg the clones, you could easily have that many plants. If you vegged for 2 months, probably not.

MY opinion is to avoid femmed seeds, but that's just MY opinion. I prefer to work from clones, so once I have a mother, I think femmed seeds provide no benefit and offer the potential for a disadvantage. I'm not convinced femmed seeds are not more likely to go hermie. I've read many posts from folks that use femmed seeds all the time without issue, so take my opinion as just that. :)

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