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How many plants should I grow?


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I will be starting a new crop in my new grow room soon and was hoping someone could advise me on how many plants a 250 HPS lamp will be able to grow with good results?

My grow room will be approx. 160cm high, 150cm long and about 120cm wide.



Jim Finnel

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grow as many plants as you can fit under that light. i'm using a 250 for flower and you can play around with the height and angle when you hang it to get the most out of it for the space you have. i'm pretty new to this but thats what i'm doing and its working out for me. but its for personal use so its not so important that every thing be to the max/perfect though its what i strive towards. just do what you can with what you have and can afford.

the light was a gift.on the box it said it could cover a 3x3 ft. area which is about what i'm covering with mine. start out as low with the light as you can without getting your girls too hot. raise and adjust as the ladies become mature. hope this helps, like i said i'm a newbie to it.
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1-3 for good light penetration to the lower levels. Based on 40 watts per square foot rule of thumb...more is better...that's about 6 square feet (3 foot x 2 foot) you could get 3 plants in there. Don't let them get too big before you flower and you may well have a decent personal stash in the end.
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