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How many seeds should i germinate?


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So I ordered 10 super skunk seeds from nirvana. Right now my plan is to germinate all 10. Then after a month of growth, maybe more, Ill get rid of the weaker ones leaving 4 of the strongest and transplant them into larger pots Then I will probably take clones from them which I will flower. After I find out the sex Ill pick 1 or 2 females to keep as mothers. The others will go to flowering and the males will be killed. Ill probably take a bunch of clones off her/them and sog after its all over with. I've heard then sometimes theres a pheno that smells like bubble gum and grows different. If I have any of those they will probably be one of 4 batch.

My question is....
Is planting all 10 seed worth having the choice between them? I'm not sure how much variation there is between these seeds and it would feel like a waste if they all ended up the exact same Height looking exactly the same.

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I have some White Widow going at the moment, and was faced with the same dilemma you have now. What I did was take 4 cuttings from each female in veg, and then after flowering I worked out which phenos I preferred after smoking, and grew out the cuttings for those plants.


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I think you should start with 5...then do the other 5 another time.
Yea I was thinking of maybe doing 5, that would probably leave me a few females to choose from for my mother, and if anything goes horribly wrong (ALIENS) ill have 5 more to start over.
I planted 10 seeds and ended up with 8 girls.
Hopefully I have as good of a ratio as you lol. where did you get your WW? I've heard greenhouse has the original


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Akorn has the right of it. You germ or grow what you can support. Other than that it solely depends on what you wan to do.
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