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How many stoner girls do we have on this fourm

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How many of you 420 chicks are in rank
I think there are 2 actually.
3 that i know of. pongo for one, 420Chick for two, and deepchick420 for 3.

pongo's right. we are a tough crowd.
babyk420 said:
haha i know im bored as hell...no ones awake anymore
i usually go to sleep around 6am wake up around 1 hang with friends do whatever then spend the rest of the night on the internet if i dont have no new video games to keep me busy
me too
holla. theres only a handful of us!
ive got like 6 or 7 female friends who smoke.
like 4 of 'em i introduced to bud.

tell me i cant handle it. ill let you take a rip from my 2 footer.
holla im rite here. i wuz tha 1st female toker @ mi skool. alotta gurls were afraid of it til i told them tha truth about it & let them have a good 1st experience
grim420reefer said:
welcome 2 420times ill be your tour guide today this is the forums thats all i canthink of right now smoke a bowl for me and relax but stay off of exlax
They've been here for a while, grim.
Im A Stoner Chick!!! Whats Really Good?? I know mad chicks.. who blaze.. Well I know like 10 at the top of my head...
I'm a stoner girl as well...